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We are the specialists in floor polishing and sanding in Perth, along with floor re-surfacing, re-coating, maintenance, restoration and renovations. Using an excellent range of the finest quality products and state of the art equipment, our experienced team take every measure to provide you with a high quality finish as well as a friendly, prompt service.


At Allfloors Sanding our team of qualified tradesmen understand the distinction between a finished floor and a floor with a superior finish.

  • Top quality workmanship
  • Modern practices
  • State of the art equipment
  • Over 25 years’ industry experience
  • Offering specialist advice
  • We also specialise in commercial projects including council halls, sports halls, restaurants and more.

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  • What preparation needs to be done before the floor polishing and sanding process?

    We advise that all other trade work is complete before wooden floors are sanded and polished because silicone or silicone based products that may come into contact with the floor during the process will cause rejection of the coating. Silicone is often found on the footwear of tradespeople. It’s essential that electricity, adequate lighting, and water is available for floor sanders.

  • What’s involved in the sanding and polishing process?

    Nails are punched below the surface of the floorboards, which are then sanded with a coarse grade sandpaper. This levels the floorboards of any lips and removes any previous coatings or stains. The large sanding machine cannot reach close to the skirting boards so we use a smaller edging machine for these areas. We then use medium grade paper to sand again before vacuuming the entire floor surface and checking over the finish.

  • What can I expect during the process?

    Unfortunately we cannot guarantee a completely dust-free environment while we’re carrying out the work. Our modern floor sanding machines have vacuums and dust collection attachments fitted and we will make every effort to eliminate dust as much as possible. Airborne dust particles are present in every house and these may settle in the finish while it’s drying, however if this does happen, any effect usually wears off after a relatively short period of time.

  • Is there anything I should be aware of?

    Any silicone on the floor will cause rejection of the coating. Halogen downlights create a cobweb effect on the coatings. The edging machine may cause slight markings on the skirting boards, so we would always recommend you leave painting skirting boards until after the floors are finished.

  • What is required to get started?

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